A member of a family dynasty who worked with different oncology problems.



Was born in Kharkov in 1979. In 1996 graduated from gymnasium # 74 and entered Kharkov Government   Medical University the medical faculty and graduated from it in 2002. Finished internship in specialty “Obstetrics  and genecology”.  Then got specialization in Kharkov Medical Post Degree  Academy  in oncology (the cycle of cancer gynecology).

Worked as a tutor at Volchansk’s medical school as a tutor of obstetrics  and genecology, at the main district of Volchansk in the Kharkov city area. At the same time worked as a scientific worker at Kharkov Scientific Research Institute of micro biology. Since 2003 till now working as a doctor oncologist – gynecologist at gynecology department of Kharkov regional clinical oncology center. A candidate of medical science, working  as an assistant at the cathedra of Kharkov Government   Medical University.

Since 2005 till 2009 at Kharkov Scientific Research Institute of radiology named after Grigoriev, made and passed Ph. defense, a candidate of medical science. In 2010 finished the dissertation on “Clinical – biochemical and ultrasound criteria of appraisal of the effectiveness of newadjuvant poly chemistry therapy of people sick with cancer of ovaries of III-IV stages” in Kiev oncology institute.

I have researched a full complex of the valuation of the poly chemical therapy effectiveness of people sick with cancer of ovaries of III-IV stages and also researched the algorithm of medication, considering the full complex. I am the author of 53 science works including one teaching aid, two invention patents, and was a member of 7 international congresses in European countries.