I am – Prokopyuk Alexandra a member of the dynasty. Memebers of my family worked with different kind of oncology diseases.

My grandmother – a professor of oncology gynecology, medical doctor Pavlova T.D. She was studying cancer of uterus and ovaries over 50 years. She was working at the cathedra of oncology at Kharkov clinical oncology dispensary and was doing unique operations. The was the first person who made me interested in oncology.

My mother – Knyazeva Marina Vladislavovna – a specialist of clinical biochemistry, a professor in Karazin Kharkov National University, a pupil of professor Panchenko Nina Ivanovna, the author of 162 science works connected to the solving of medical biological problems including oncology gynecology. She is a tutor of biochemistry at the faculty of fundamental medicine. She has researched an author course of lections of biochemistry for medical high school students, oriented on practical use of biochemistry. She is the author of three teaching aids.

My father – a docent (a professor assistant), a candidate of juridical science. Since 1972 till 2002 a tutor of the criminalistics cathedra at Kharkov National Juridical Academy. Worked as a juridical faculty tutor at the Kharkov national University since 2002 till 2004. Now he works as a lawyer.

My husband – Prokopyuk Vladimir Ur’evich, an obstetrician-gynecology, a candidate of medical science.

My children Stepan 10 y.o. and Konstantin 5 y.o. I got interested in genecology when studied at school and went with my grandmother to urgent cases to after operational patients on weekends and holidays. With those cases I understood that the treatment was not efficient. That is why after graduating from the Kharkov Medical Institute and internship in obstetrics and gynecology I chose the oncology gynecology specialty and became oncology gynecology surgeon in Kharkov oncology center. Now I am a candidate of medical science. My work is connected with studying the problems of the efficiency of the ovaries cancer treatment. It is also a part of international II-X symposiums of oncology and radiology (Kiev, Minsk, Baku) and 31-40 congress of FEBS (Istanbul, Vienna, Athens, Paris, Berlin). I am also the author of 53 science works, including 1 teaching and 2 inventions.